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Fun Box

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Fun Box

Order your FUN BOX for groups, a box with four 190 g burgers to choose between Kevin Bacon, M-30, Creamy Crunch, Classic, Kiki and Veggielicious PLUS a portion of potato wedges + 50 sauce and Goiko Barbecue.


Kevin Bacon: the true best seller of the house. Grilled minced meat with bacon bits, crunchy onion and American cheese

M-30: grilled goat’s cheese and caramelized onion

Creamy Crunch: cream cheese and crunchy onion

Classic: Cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, Batavia lettuce and Goiko’s 50 sauce

Kiki: crispy chicken, American cheese, bacon, iceberg lettuce and Goiko’s 50 sauce

Veggielicious: vegetarian meat, spinach, fried mushrooms, fried red pepper, grilled goat cheese and smoked Mayo sauce


Available only for Take Away and Delivery at all our GOIKOs!

It is a limited edition… RUN!



Fun Box Terms and Conditions:

– The meat doneness cannot be modified, all burgers come in medium degree

– You cannot add or remove extras to the hamburgers

– The burgers in the box are sold with only one type of bread

– Only available with potato wedges


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