¡Reserva ahora!

¡Reserva ahora!

At Goiko we know the juiciest burgers always make a mess. That’s just how it is.

For us, the burst of flavour comes in that moment when the cheese squeezes out, the egg yolk explodes and stains everything and nothing else matters in the there-and-then.

It’s a ritual where you get swept up in the amazing taste of the burger and only remember the serviette at the end.

If you recognise yourself in this description, there’s no doubt about it: You’re one of us! So feel at home and remember: Here you’re allowed to lick your fingers!

Goiko Menu

De lunes a viernes de 12:00 h. a 17:00 h. (excepto festivos). Disponible únicamente en sala.

Goiko Menu


Incluye bebida, principal con patatas o salad y café.


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