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These general terms and conditions of use of this website regulate the access and use of the website, including the contents and services made available to the users by and/or through this website, be it on the website itself, or through the user or other third parties. However, some of the contents and its use might be subject to specific conditions and regulations.



The company reserves the right to make any amendments to these general terms and conditions, at any moment, as the company sees it fit. In any case, the user is advised to review regularly these general terms and conditions to be aware of any amendments.




Users can access different types of information and services via this website. This website reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without prior notice, the layout, information and service details that are available on this website. The user explicitly acknowledges and unambiguously agrees that the website might, at any moment, suspend, disable or cancel any information or service. The website will conduct its best efforts to try to guarantee the availability and accessibility of the content. However, due to maintenance, update, relocation, etc. access to the website might be suspended.


This website cannot guarantee uninterrupted and permanent availability of its services, and therefore cannot be held liable for any damages or expenses that might come as a result of unavailability of the service, for reason of force majeure, or for errors in the network of data transfer, that are beyond its control, or for connection issues as a result of maintenance of the hardware and the network. In case of the latter, the website will conduct its best efforts to provide a 24-hour notice before the scheduled interruption. The website cannot be held liable for the interruption, suspension, termination or cancellation of services. Likewise, the website cannot be held liable for any loss of information, data, configuration, unauthorised access or breach of confidentiality that might come as a result of technical issues, communication problems or human errors caused by third parties, that are beyond the control of the website. This website cannot be held liable for damages that come as a result of external computer attacks, virus that affect any software, communication systems or hardware used by the website but that were manufactured by a third party. The website reserves the right to deny, withdraw, suspend or block, as the website sees it fit, at any moment and without any prior notice, access to any information or service by any user who breaches these terms and conditions.


The website does not take part in the creation of content and/or services provided or made available by third parties via the website, nor does it sanction its legality. No guarantee of any kind is offered by the website over such content. The user acknowledges that the website cannot be held liable, nor will ever be, for content or services provided by third parties on and/or through the website. The user acknowledges that the website cannot be held liable for any damages or expenses that might come as a result of the use of such information or services provided by third parties.

With the exception of the cases established in the law, and limited only to the extent specified in the law, the website does not guarantee or assumes any liability with regards to damages or expenses that might be caused by the use of the information, data and services in the website application.

In any case, the website does not accept any liability for damages or expenses that might come as a result of information or services provided by a party other than the company. Any responsibility in such cases shall be assumed by the corresponding third party, be it provider, collaborator, or acting in any other capacity.



The user shall abide by these terms and conditions, at all times. The user agrees explicitly and unambiguously that they will use the website in a lawful manner and that they will assume any liability that might be the result of their breach of these terms and conditions.

Likewise, the user shall not use the website for transmitting, storing, spreading, promoting or distributing data or content that might be linked in any way to virus or any other kind of malicious software, files or programmes designed to interrupt, destroy or damage the normal operation of any computer or telecommunication software or hardware.

In any such case, the user shall be forced to indemnify, and to remove any liability from the website, for any damages or expenses, fines or penalties, that the website might face.




Any personal data that the website might obtain in order to provide any services, or to make the website content available to the user, will be collected in a computer file. The data gathered will be used to provide the services requested, and will also be used to maintain the user informed about news and developments on the services or contents on the website, according to the preferences expressed by the user. The user accepts to receive such updates in the form of e-mail messages, provided that they are related to the preferences expressed, or the services or information selected by the user.


For the protection and use of the data, the website implements any and every technical and organisational measure deemed obligatory, as per the local law currently in effect.

The user acknowledges unambiguously and explicitly that accessing, entering, modifying or deleting any personal data belonging to a third party is done so with the authorisation of such third party. The user is hereby informed that they have the right to access, amend, delete or cancel such personal data by emailing



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If any clause included in these general terms and conditions is deemed, partially or totally, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall only affect that particular clause, or the particular part thereof that results null or ineffective, and these terms and conditions will continue to govern any and every other aspect, and such affected partial or total clause shall no longer be considered part of these term and conditions.


The parties agree to observe and fulfil their rights and obligations derived from these terms and conditions, in accordance with the strictest demands of good faith and diligence.